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  • Philips Gold Medal: This Medal was created by the “Philips Electrical Company” of Pakistan. It is awarded to the student which achieved first position in M.Sc. (Physics). In the year 1971, Mr. Abul Hasan was the first student of the Physics Department which awarded Philips Gold Medal for standing first position in M.Sc. in the Department.
  • Orient Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan Science Award Gold Medal: This Award is in the honor of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, a well known Pakistani Scientist. It is to the student of first position in M.Sc. This award was created by the “Orient”, an advertising company and awarded since 1999-2000.
  • Ameer Hussain Siddiqui Trust Scholarship: This Scholarship was created by the “Ameer Hussain Siddiqui Trust”. It is awarded to the meritorious student who has achieved an outstanding academic record since 1990

The Graduate / Masters students of the Department of Physics can take benefits (scholarships) of the following international / national organizations and agencies:

  • Japanese Aid Program (Japan)
  • DAAD Program (Germany)
  • ICAC Scheme of Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (A.S.I.C.T.P.), Trieste (Italy)
  • International Program in the Physical Sciences (I.P.P.S.) Uppsala (Sweden)
  • Pakistan Science Foundation (P.S.F.)
  • Non H.E.C. Scholarships