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The Second year Laboratory can accommodate 50 – 60 students at a time. It caters for 700 students in one semester, coming from different Departments of the University of Karachi, including Mathematics, Geology, Geography, Chemistry, Statistics, Economics, Applied Chemistry, Food Science & Technology and Chemical Engineering & Technology Department. The Second year Laboratory is situated at the first floor of the Department.  

Following are the Experiments offered in the second year Laboratory:

  • A small unknown resistance by Carey Foster Bridge.
  • A high resistance by the method of leakage.
  • The absolute capacity of a condenser.
  • The self-inductance of a coil by Anderson method.
  • The half and full wave rectification and the performance of a dc power supply.
  • Work function of a photo-emissive material using color filters.
  • Static characteristics of a transistor in common emitter mode.
  • The characteristic curves of a G.M. tube.
  • The helium spectrum using a grating spectrometer.
  • A rejecter circuit and the value of inductance.
  • An acceptor circuit and the value of the inductance.
  • The characteristics of a semiconductor diode.
  • The static characteristics of a triode valve and its parameters.
  • A power supply using Zener diode.
  • The unknown high resistance using an “RC” circuit and a neon lamp.
  • The drain characteristics of an N-channel JFET and its parameters.
  • A single stage transistor amplifier.
  • The horizontal component of the earth’s magnetic field.
  • The ratio of capacitances of two given capacitors.
  • The logic gates: OR, AND, NOT, NAND and NOR.
  • Conversion of a galvanometer into voltmeter and ammeter.