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Brief History
The present “Computational Physics Laboratory” was established by Mr. Syed Dabir Hasan Rizvi in 1987 in the Department of Physics, University of Karachi. Computer laboratory was started with three IBM PC AT and one XT within M.Sc. final laboratory in the year 1987, where M.Sc. (Final) students were given practical training to learn different computer high level languages and also do numerical computation as part of their compulsory course on “Computational Physics”.

Time to time this lab was shifted to different locations, within the Department but ultimately a room was allotted for this laboratory in 1996. Five new Compaq branded Computers and printers were provided by the University. New electrical wiring and network installation was done. Computer tables and chairs were also provided to Computer Lab. After few years more computers were purchased. In all, there were then ten Computers and 4 printers including one laserjet printer. As the resources were limited, only M.Sc. (Final) students were allowed to use Computer lab facilities, where they not only learn Computer languages and program computational physics problems but also practiced a large number of application packages of their requirement and interest. Almost all the student practiced word processing and other computer packages here and many of them use the lab for their thesis typing.

In the year 2003, Lab was shifted to a bigger room and there were 20 computers and later that year, Department purchased ten Intel Pentium III Computers for this laboratory. During August 2002 to April 2006, Mr. Imran Ahmad Siddiqui took the charge of the laboratory. In the year 2005, Department had received a grant under PC-1 from Higher Education Commission (H.E.C), Islamabad. A part of this grant was also used to further up-gradation of this laboratory.

In August, 2006, latest Pentium IV Computers and Laser Printers were purchased for the laboratory. Fiber Optic based Internet service was provided in the laboratory. Higher Education Commission (H.E.C.) also provided the free access to more than 300 research journals. Students and teachers of the Department of Physics can use the laboratory facilities. The laboratory is made more advanced in order to meet the standards of the modern era and laboratory was equipped with modern computers for the Software developments, simulation, modeling and automation etc. Plans are underway to interconnect library seminar, laboratories, faculty offices and Department office.

Equipments Available in the Laboratory:
At present, the following equipments are available in the “Computational Physics Laboratory”:

  • 3.4GHz Intel Pentium IV Computers (13)
  • 800MHz Intel Pentium III Computers (5)
  • Laser Jet Printer HP-1320 (2)
  • Switch
  • Twenty more Computers Intel Pentium IV in the pipeline and would be commissioned in next few months.

Present Incharge of the Laboratory:
The laboratory is being supervised by Mr. Asim Aijaz, lecturer in the Department of Physics, since May, 2006.