Electromagnetic Induction: Faraday’s law and Lenz’s law, of electromagnetic induction, Calculation and application using differential and integral form, self and mutual Inductance. Inductance of a Solenoid and Toroid. LR circuits, Growth and decay of current, analytical treatment. Energy stored in a magnetic field, Derive. Energy density and Magnetic field. Electromagnetic oscillation qualitative. Quantitative analysis using differential equations, Forced electromagnetic oscillations and resonance.

Alternating Current Circuits: Sinusoidal wave, Phasors, AC behavior in resistive, inductive and capacitive elements. Single loop RLC series circuit. Qualitative treatment of RLC Parallel circuit, Power in AC circuits.

Electro-Magnetic Waves: Summary of the electro-magnetic equations (Gauss’s law for electromagnetism, Faraday law, Ampere’s law). Induced magnetic field & displacement current; development of their concepts and applications. Maxwell’s equations (integral and differential forms) and their discussion and implications. Generation of an electromagnetic wave. Traveling waves and Maxwell’s equations; analytical treatment. Obtain differential form of Maxwell’s equations, obtain velocity of light from them. Energy transport and the Pointing vector. Analytical treatment and discussion of physical concepts.

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