Electrodynamics: Electromotive force: Ohm’s law, electromotive force, motional emf, electromagnetic induction: Faraday’s law, the induced electric field, inductance, energy in magnetic fields, Maxwell’s equations: electrodynamics before Maxwell, how Maxwell fixed Ampere’s law, Maxwell’s equations, magnetic charges, Maxwell’s equations in matter, boundary conditions.

Conservation laws: Charge and energy: the continuity equation, Poynting’s theorem, momentum: Newton’s third law in electrodynamics, Maxwell’s stress tensor, conservation of momentum, angular momentum.

Electromagnetic waves: Waves in one dimension: the wave equation, sinusoidal waves, boundary conditions; reflection and transmission, polarization, electromagnetic waves in vacuum: the wave equation for E and B, monochromatic plane waves, energy and momentum in electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic waves in matter: propagation in linear media, reflection and transmission at normal incidence, reflection and transmission at oblique incidence, absorption and dispersion: electromagnetic waves in conductors, reflection at a conducting surface, the frequency dependence of permittivity, guided waves: wave guides, the waves in a rectangular wave guide, the coaxial transmission line.

Potentials and Fields: the potential formulation: scalar and vector potentials, gauge transformations, Coulomb gauge and Lorentz gauge, continuous distributions: retarded potentials, Jefimenko’s equations, point charges: Lienard-Wiechert potentials, the field of a moving point charge.

Radiation: dipole radiation: what is radiation, electric dipole radiation, magnetic dipole radiation, radiation from an arbitrary source, point charges: power radiated by a point charge, radiation reaction, the physical basis of the radiation reaction.

Electrodynamics and relativity: the special theory of relativity: Einstein’s postulates, the geometry of relativity, the Lorentz transformations, the structure of space-time, relativistic mechanics: proper time and proper velocity, relativistic energy and momentum, relativistic kinematics, relativistic dynamics, relativistic electrodynamics: magnetism as a relativistic phenomenon, how the filed transform, the field tensor, electrodynamics in tensor notation, relativistic potentials.

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