Special Diodes and its applications: Zener Diode, Varactor Diodes, Optical Diodes, Transient Suppressors and Constant-Current Diodes, Tunnel Diodes, Shottky Diodes, PIN Diodes, Step-recovery Diodes.

BJT Circuits: Models, Biasing and BJT Amplifiers: Bipolar Junction Transistor: Construction, Operation, Characteristic, parameters and ratings, Ebers-Moll, Hybrid-p, h, z and y parameter models, Base Bias, Emitter Bias, Voltage Divider Bias and Collector-Feedback Bias, Small-Signal Amplifier Operation, Transistor AC Equivalent Circuits, Common-Emitter, Common-Base, Common-Collector Amplifiers, Power RC-Coupled Class A, Transformer-Coupled Class A, Class B, Class AB Push-Pull and Class C Amplifiers, Frequency response of BJT Amplifiers, Multi-Stage Amplifiers with various types of coupling and their applications.

FET Circuits: Biasing and FET Amplifiers: Junction Field Effect Transistor (JFET): Construction, Operation, Characteristics and Parameters, JFET Biasing, Metal Oxide Semiconductor FET: Construction and Biasing, Common-Source, Common-Drain, Common-Gate amplifiers, Frequency response of FET Amplifiers.

Operational Amplifiers: Ideal Op-amps, Simple Op-amp arrangement and its parameters, Inverting and Non-inverting amplifiers, Feedback and stability, Frequency response of Op-amps, Additional Op-amps Applications: Comparator, Summing, Integrator, Differentiator and Instrumentation Amplifiers.

Oscillators and Solid-State Switching Circuits: Armstrong, Hartley, Colpitts and Phase-Shift Oscillators, BJT as a Switch, JFET as a Switch, Schmitt Triggers, Multivibrators: The 555 Timer.

Discrete and Integrated Voltage Regulators: Voltage Regulation: An Overview, Series Voltage Regulators, Shunt Voltage Regulators, Linear IC Voltage Regulators, and Switching Regulators.

Digital Electronics: Review of combinational and sequential logic, basic elements and applications; Flip-Flop, counters and regulators.

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