Introduction: Introduction to Atmosphere and environment. Coronal heat and energy balance.

Green lions Effect and Global warming: Emanon of various palluenetants, Green house effect, Earth’s temperature rise and its consequences, Coreenhomic gases: Carbon monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, methane, Nitrogen oxides (NOx) and Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC). Share of greenhouse gases towards greenhouse effect and global warming. Particulate and trace metals, Acid rains and its effect on environment. Faults affecting the atmospheric transmission and visibility. Source of green house gases and their emission rate. Carbon falls on the earth, surface. Photosynthesis. Deforestation and vegetation. Pollutants at troposphere and slats sphere.

Ozone: Physical and chemical properties of ozone. Ozone Layer, Formation and decomposition of ozone. Troposphere and starts spherical ozone. Deplete of ozone layer in stratosphere. Variation of surface ozone. Causes of ozone hole, and its effect on human health. Detailed study of emission of trace metals and particular matter. Biological effect of the environmental degradation. Detailed study of various diseases due to emission.

Marine Pollution: Rivers, Lakes, pH values changes due to acid rain, Effect on marine life, coastal erosion silting, water Logging. Sedimentation, oil spills.

Urban Environmental Pollution: Industrial pollution and hazards, Air and Noise pollution, Pollution and Contamination of water supplies. Sanitation, sewerage and solid water, Disposal. Public health.

Rural Environmental Pollution: Agricultural pollution. Fertilizers and psoriases. Agrochemical. Decalcification and deforestation. Rural health problems related to environmental degradation and pollution.

Nuclear and radioactive water problems: Nuclear waster disposal, Contamination. Nuclear accidents and its effect on environment. Radioactive fall.

State of Environment and our common future: Remedies and strategies, Agencies working on Environmental pollution and problems. Kyoto protocol. Impact of Energy use on Environment.

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