Review: Artificial and Natural Radioactivity, Units of Radioactivity (Bq, Ci, etc). Modes of Radioactive decay, Activity, half life and mean life of radio nuclides.

Basic Radiation Physics: Formation of radio nuclides, Interaction of Radiation (Charged Particles and Photons) with matter, Interaction of neutrons with matter, Human Exposure to Radiation.

Radiation Dosimetry: Absorbed Dose, Exposure, Exposure-Dose Relationship, Measurement of Absorbed Dose and Exposure, Dose Evaluation, Inhaled and Ingested radioactivity, Internally deposited radioisotopes.

Biological effects of Radiation: Dose-Response Characteristics, Acute and Delayed effects of Radiation, Risk Coefficient estimates, Quality factor and Radiation Weighting Factor.

Health Physics Instruments: Radiation Detectors: gas filled particle counters, Scientillation Counters, semiconductor detectors. Dose Measuring Instrument: Personal Monitoring (Pocket dosimeters, Film Badges), Thermoluminsence and electronic dosimeters, survey meters. Detection of Neutrons.

Nuclear Medicine: Introduction, Radiopharmaceuticals, Collimeters, Gamma camera, X-Radiography, Computed Tomography, SPECT & PET. Introduction to MRI, Ultrasound in medicine, Radiation Therapy.

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