Industrial Control Devices: Different types of switches, Reed switches, timers, solenoids, relays, contactors and starters, triac, gate controlled switch, SCS, Trigger devices; UJT, PUT, Shokley diode, Diac, Silicon bilateral switch, solid state relays, zero voltage switch.

Motors: Stepper motors, wound field DC motors and generators, Dynamo construction, DC and AC generators, different types of DC motors, brushless and stepper DC motors, AC three phase, different types of AC motors and their construction (e.g. universal, induction, synchronous etc.), Braking and speed control of DC motor, Braking AC motors, Brushless motors, speed control of AC motors, variable frequency converter, single phase cycloconverter, solid state speed control.

Power supplies: Dual complementary, current regulation, MOV, switch mode, width and sine wave converters.

Magnetic Devices: signal and special purpose transformers, magnetic amplifiers.

Open loop motor control: DC motor phase control, DC-DC chopper control, Jones chopper, Communication Circuits; Morgan, parallel-capacitor circuits, static frequency converters for AC motor control, three stage ring counter.

Input Transducers: position and displacement, velocity and acceleration, force and flow, pressure and level, temperature, signal conditioning.

Servomechanisms: close and open loop comparison, servo characteristics, rate, compensated, position and digital servos.

Microprocessor control: basic architecture, flow chart e.g. for temperature controller.

Opto-devices: LEDs, LASERS, photodiodes, avalanche photodiodes, phototransistor, photodarlington, LASCR, optocouplers, phototubes and photomultipliers.

Process control: proportional, proportional integral and PID controllers.

Mechatronics: PLCs and their programming, Distributed Control System (DCS).

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