Vectors in classical physics: Differentiation of vectors, fields, Directional derivatives and gradients, Line integrals, Green’s theorem in the Plane, The divergence and divergence theorem, The Curl and Stoke’s theorem.

Differential equations in Physics: First and Second order linear differential equations, Homogeneous and Inhomogeneous solutions, series solution of Differential equations, Partial differential equations in physics, Sturm-Liouville systems, introduction to non linear systems.

Complex variables: Functions of complex variables, Cauchy Riemann conditions and analytic functions, Cauchy integral theorem and integral formula, Taylor and Laurent series, Calculus of residues, Complex integration.

Linear Vector Spaces and Matrices: Linear vector spaces, Gram-schmidt orthogonalization, Matrices, Eigen values and Eigen vectors of a matrix, Hilbert spaces, Orthogonalization.

Special functions: Bessel functions and Hankel functions, Spherical Bessel functions, Legendre Polynomials, Associated Legendre Polynomial, Laugerre Polynomial, Hermite Polynomial.

Integral Transforms: The Laplace transform, Application of Laplace transform, Fourier transform, Convolution and Parseval’s theorem, integral transform solution of partial differential equations, Dirac delta function.

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