Origin of Quantum Theory: Black body radiation, Stefan-Boltzmann law, Wiens-displacement law and Planck’s law, consequences. The quantization of energy, Photoelectric and Compton effect, Line spectra Explanation using quantum theory.

Wave Nature of Matter: Wave behavior of particles (wave function etc) its definition and relation to probability of particle. D’Broglie hypothesis and its testing, Davisson-Germer Experiment and JP Thomson Experiment, Wave packets and particles, localizing a wave in space and time.

Quantum Mechanics: Postulates of Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Operators, Linear operators and their properties, e.g.; momentum operator, energy operator. Eigen value equation, Eigen values and Eigen Functions. Schrodinger equation (time dependent and time independent with out derivation) and its applications to step potential, free particle, barrier tunneling (basic idea) , particle in a well, probability density using functions of states.

Atomic Physics: Review of Atomic Models, Bohr’s Model (review), Frank-Hertz experiment, energy levels of atoms, Atomic spectrum, Angular Momentum of electrons, Vector Atom model, Orbital angular momentum, Space Quantization, Bohr’s magneton, X-Ray Spectrum (continuous and characteristic), Moseley’s law, Pauli’s exclusion principle and its use in developing the periodic table.

Quantum Optics: Basic concepts and characteristics of LASER, different types of lasers, working of He-Ne Laser, semi-conductor diode laser. Introduction to holography.

Special Theory of Relativity: Limitations with classical physics, Einstein’s Postulates of special relativity and their consequences, The Lorentz transformation, Transformation of velocities, Relativistic momentum and energy.

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