Preliminary Concepts: Non relativistic quantum mechanics, Lorentz covariance, The Klein-Gordon equation, The Feynman-Stuckelberg solutions, Nonrelativistic perturbation theory, Scattering amplitude.

Electrodynamics of Spinless Particles: Electron in an electromagnetic field, cross section and invariant amplitude, Decay rates, spinless electron-electron scattering, Electron-positron scattering, Invariant variables, The propagator.

The Dirac equation: Covariant form of Dirac equation, Conserved current and adjoint equation, Free particle Spinor, Antiparticles, Normalization of Spinors, Bilinear covariance, Zero mass fermions.

Electrodynamics of spin ½ Particles: Moller scattering, Trace theorem and properties of g-matrices, Electron positron processes, Helicity conservation, Photons and polarization vectors, Pair annihilation, Feynman rules.

Renormalization: Scattering of electron off a static charge and higher order corrections, The Lamb shift, Loops and Ward identities, Charge screening, Renormalization, The running coupling constants in QED and QCD.

The structure of Partons: The structure of Parton, electron-proton scattering, proton form factors, Inelastic electron scattering.

Parton theory: Bjorken scaling, Partons and Bjorken scaling, Gluons.

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