Approximate methods: Time independent perturbation theory for non degenerate and degenerate levels, the variational method, the WKB approximation, time dependent perturbation theory.

Identical particles and second quantization: Indistingushablity of identical particles, systems of identical particles, quantum dynamics of identical particle systems, statistics, symmetry of states, fermions, bosons.

Theory of scattering: Scattering experiments and cross sections, potential scattering, the method of partial waves, the Born’s approximation.

The interaction of quantum systems with radiation: Electromagnetic field and its interaction with one electron system, transition rates, spontaneous emission, selection rules for electric dipole transitions, the spin of photon and its helicity.

Relativistic quantum mechanics: Schrödinger relativistic equation, probability and current densities, Klein-Gordon equation and hydrogen atom, Dirac relativistic equation.

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