Crystal Growth: Basic growth techniques, growth from melt charalsley, Bridgman and chemical vapor growth.

Crystal Structure: Crystalline periodicity, crystal symmetry, unit cell, crystal structure, classification, position, directions and planes in crystals, Miller indices, simple lattice, Laue’s equations, Bragg’s law, Ewald’s construction, Brillion zone, reciprocal lattice, scattering from atoms and crystals, structure factor, form factor, experimental methods of X-ray diffraction

Crystal Binding: Lattice energy of inert gas crystals and ionic crystals, covalent, metallic and hydrogen bonds

Free Electron Theory: Classical theory, Sommerfeld model, Quantum mechanical treatment, Fermi-Dirac statistics, applications – electrical conductivity and specific heat of free electron gas

Band Theory: Nearly free electron model, Bloch theorem, Kronig-Penny model

Lattice Dynamics: Vibration in one dimensional monatomic and diatomic lattices, vibrational modes of crystals, optical modes in ionic crystals, phonon heat capacity (Einstein and Debye models), scattering and interactions of phonons.

Semiconductivity: Theory of semiconductivity, intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors, mobility of current carriers, minority carriers, lifetime, theory of p-n junctions

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