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Brief History
In 1964-65, Prof. Silinski under Colombo plan exchange program, visiting professor from Canadian university established an “Electronics Laboratory” in the present faculty room, ground floor of the Department of Physics.

In 1978, Mr. Syed Gul Hasan Taqvi established a “Computer Applications Research Laboratory” (CARL) at the second floor of the Department of Physics, to developed students required to meet the demand of technical personnel by local industry. The laboratory dealt mostly designing embedded systems and specialized in designing communications and industrial instrumentation. The main objective was to give rigorous practical training in the field of Electronics, Communications and Computer Applications to the M.Sc. students of Physics Department doing specialization in Electronics.   Electronic Lab

“Commodore” was the first Personal Computer in the University of Karachi, which was purchased for the “Electronics Lab” of the Department of Physics, in 1982.

In March 1982, Mr. Jamshed Kazmi, head of the Electronics Department, Nilore, inspected the “CARL” laboratory and agreed to support the laboratory. During the span 1982 – 1993, Atomic Energy Commission, KANUP supported full way in every aspect, such as donations of Electronics / Computers related books, softwares, literature and grants. In the year 1983, this laboratory designed and fabricated a “Universal EPROM Programmer” for the KANUP, Karachi.   Electronic Lab

Beside course work and practical training throughout the year, students are offered a compulsory project in the laboratory to prepare themselves according to market requirements.

After the retirement of Mr. Syed Gul Hasan Taqvi, in 1993, Mr. Syed Dabir Hasan Rizvi took the laboratory charge. The main fields in which projects are offered currently are Digital System Designing, Control Systems, Interfacing, Networking and Software Development.

Equipment Available in the Laboratory:
At present, the following equipments are available in the “Electronic Laboratory”:

  • Oscilloscopes 20MHz, 35MHz & 100MHz – (20)
  • Fixed and Variable Digital Power Supplies – (10)
  • Function Generators with audio & radio range – (10)
  • Digital Multimeters – (10)
  • Breadboards

Present Incharge of the Laboratory:
Currently, the laboratory is supervised by Prof. Syed Dabir Hasan Rizvi, Professor in the Department of Physics.