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System of Studies:
The Department of Physics, University of Karachi follows the semester system. One academic year consists of two semesters. A student has to complete a total of 15 to 18 credit hours during one semester. To obtain the degree of B.Sc. (Honours), a student completes 90 credit hours. The duration of the B.Sc. (Honours) Program in the Department of Physics, University of Karachi is three years.

Course Requirements for B.Sc. (Honours) Degree:

  • The course for B.Sc. (Honours) degree shall spread over six semesters.
  • The (Honours) program shall consist of four Compulsory, one Major and two Subsidiary Subjects.
  • The Major subject shall consist of 18 courses of three credit hours each.
  • Each Subsidiary subject shall consist of four courses of three credit hours each.
  • Each Compulsory subject shall of one course of three credit hours each.
  • Humanities will be offered to only those students who don’t have Urdu as their Mother tongue..
  • For foreign students, there are two Non Credit Courses; a certificate will be awarded on successful completion of English & Urdu courses, conducted by the Department of English and Department of Urdu respectively.
Summary Table of the Course Requirement for B.Sc. (Honours) Degree

Credit Hours
Compulsory Subjects
Subsidiary Subjects
Major Subjects

Compulsory subjects for (Honours):
A student of B.Sc. (Honours) has to take one major and two subsidiary subjects, as well as four compulsory subjects. These are:
Credit Hours
First year
(First Semester)
Islamic Studies / Ethical Behaviour (for non-Muslims)
First year
(Second Semester)
Pakistan Studies / Humanities
Second year
(First Semester)
Urdu (Mother tongue) / Urdu (Non Mother tongue)
Second year
(Second Semester)

Subsidiary Subjects for B.Sc. (Honours):
The final selection of subsidiary subjects has to be done in consultation with and permission of the chairperson of the Physics Department. As the seats are restricted, it is possible that the student may not be able to take the subject of his/her choice. The allocation of subsidiary subjects is made by the Dean of the faculty and the chairperson of the Department.

Students of B.Sc. (Honours) of the Department of Physics will have Mathematics as compulsory subsidiary subject. The other subsidiary subject may be selected from the following list:
  • Statistics
  • Economics.
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Chemistry
In order to select Subsidiary subjects, the following points should be kept in mind:
  • Those students who offer Physics should have passed the Intermediate or Higher Secondary Examination with Mathematics.
  • Only those students can be admitted to Physics program who have taken Mathematics as an optional subject in his Intermediate Examination, or who have passed a Certificate Course in Mathematics from University of Karachi.

Instructions for Foreign Students:
Foreign Students are required to complete the following courses:

(a) B.Sc. (Honours) students not having studied English language course before coming here, will have to study an extra English Language course in the First year. This course is in addition to the English Compulsory course taught at B.Sc. (Honours) level, which is of two-semester duration.

(b) A certificate course in Urdu Language for Foreign Students is organized by the Department of Urdu, University of Karachii.

Conversion of B.Sc. (Honours) to B.Sc. (Pass) Degree:
  • A student who has completed courses upto B.Sc. (Honours) IInd year, can get his/her degree converted to B.Sc. (Pass) if he/she so desires. He/She has to get his/her admission of IIIrd year (Honours) cancelled through Deputy Registrar (Academic) by applying for conversion on the payment of prescribed fee.
  • However, such student cannot take admission to the Master’s Program in the same Department.
Change of Subjects:
  • Student can change the major subject in the second year if they obtain at least 70% marks in both the semesters in their minor subject, which they want to offer as their major subject, provided that they have passed all the courses of first year and secured total aggregate of 60% provided further that the chairpersons of the Departments have no objection to this change of subject to allowed combination.
  • Students seeking change in any of the minor subjects can apply for change within 30 days of the start of the semester of second year. All such permissions would be granted by the Dean on the recommendation of the chairpersons.
Promotion Rules:
  • Students shall not be promoted to the next higher class if he/she fails to clear 80% of courses.
  • Admission to the next degree class such as M.Sc. shall not be granted without fulfilling the basic entry requisites.
  • A student repeating a course shall not be given a rank in order of merit.
  • Student’s absence on account of shortage of attendance shall be deemed as failure in that course.