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The First year Laboratory can accommodate 50 students. It caters for 700 students in one semester, coming from different Departments of the University, including Mathematics, Geology, Geography, Chemistry, Statistics, Economics, Applied Chemistry, Food Science & Technology and Chemical Engineering & Technology Department. The First year Laboratory is situated at the ground floor of the Department of Physics. Following are the Experiments offered in the first year Laboratory:

  • The value of “g” using Compound pendulum.
  • The value of “g” using Kater’s pendulum.
  • The modulus of rigidity of a rod by static method.
  • The modulus of rigidity of a wire by dynamic method.
  • The moment of inertia of a flywheel.
  • The surface tension of water by Jaeger’s method.
  • The surface tension of water by capillary rise method.
  • The coefficient of viscosity of a liquid by Stoke’s method.
  • The distance between two points using a sextant.
  • The specific heat capacity of water by continuous flow method.
  First Year Lab
  • The specific heat capacity of the given solid using a calorimeter.
  • The frequency of an A.C. supply.
  • The law of vibration of the wire using a Sonometer.
  • The Inverse square law using a photo cell.
  • The wavelength of Sodium D-lines using Diffraction Grating.
  • The superposition of waves by Lissajous figures.
  • Characteristic curves of thermocouples.
  • The centripetal force by changing the radius and then by changing the mass, through a complete rotational system.
  • Measure the waveforms on an Oscilloscope using Sonometer system.
  • The projectile velocity by approximate method and by exact method using Ballistic Pendulum.
  First Year Lab